Royal Receptions Utah

We offer quality event décor to fit your budget.

Decor Package Pricing

All prices include setup, take down and delivery (Mileage charge may apply if your location is more than 30 miles from Provo.)

Keep it simple package $200
Arbor and picket fencing - (decorated with your colors)

Economy package $450
Backdrop and white picket fence with greenery and bows

Basic Royal Reception Package$750.00

Choice of Ceiling
Two sidewalls draped
Two Chandeliers/Hoop covers

Basic (with table linens) - $885.00
Basic with table linens and 80 chair covers - $1000

Deluxe Four-sidedpackage$995.00
Choice of Lighted Ceiling
Chandelier/hoop covers
Three walls of Perimeter Draping

Deluxe package plus tablelinens$1150.00
Lighted ceiling
3 walls of Perimeter draping
Chandelier/hoop covers
Linen package includes;
Eight 84" white squares (for 60 " tables)
Three 8' banquet tables draped to th floor
Two "extra" tables draped to the floor
Eight accent cloths

Deluxe Package plus table linens and chair covers$1375.00

Lighted ceiling
Three walls of perimeter draping
Chandelier/hoop covers
Linen Package
80 Chair covers
80 Sashes (in your color choice)


Canopy Ceiling with lights: $500 (This ceiling can be hung with eye bolts or with pillars)
Streamer Strip Ceiling with lights: $500 There must be eyebolts or other connection points available.
Spoke Ceiling with lights: $480 (This ceiling can be hung with eye bolts or with 6-8 pillars)
Chandeliers: $75 each or free with some packages.


STREAMER CEILING - Our Royal Receptions, Utah decorators provide instant dazzle to your reception with our delicate shimmering organza streaming from the center of the room to eight pillars on the outer edges of the room.Each streamer is accented by sparkling lights to create an interesting overhead effect.


Budget Decor Package:

One ceiling (up to 50x50 lighted)

(Only the "budget" ceiling requires eye bolts on the side walls of
your room -- All other packages/ceilings do not require eye bolts (we
provide the support))

Chandelier lighting (up to two chandeliers)

One wall draped (up to 50 feet with lights)


Ceiling + 2 walls draped

One Lighted Ceiling (up to 50' x 50')

Two sidewalls draped (up to 120' with lights)

Chandelier lighting (up to two)


Ceiling + 3 walls draped

One lighted Ceiling (up to 50' x 50')

Chandelier lighting (up to two)

Three walls draped (up to 200' with lights)


Ceiling + 4 walls draped

One lighted ceiling (up to 50' x 50')

Chandelier lighting (up to two)

Four walls draped (up to 250')


Bridal Package:

Ceiling + 4 walls draped


Essential Linens Package


Premier Bridal Package

Bridal Package (above)


80 Chair covers (white)

80 sashes


If you are ordering one of our packages, consider replacing a wall of
draping with one of our beautiful backdrops for just $100.00 more !!

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